Small Business

Protecting your business and it’s assets, whether tangible such as your goods and equipment or intangible such as your intellectual property and reputation, are invaluable.  The right contract done properly can make the difference in keeping your relationships with the other party and can keep you from losing potentially significant amounts of money and time.  Filing a trademark can make the difference in preserving your branding versus potentially lose it to someone else who uses a similar name or mark in commerce.  Simple steps can be taken to protect your business and to allow it to operate and grow smoothly.

Byram Law, P.C. provides the following business services:

  • Corporate formation (LLC and S-Corps)
  • Contract drafting, review and negotiations (such as sales agreements, nondisclosure agreements, licenses and other business contracts)
  • Trademark searches and filing

Byram Law, P.C. provides these services on a fixed, flat fee basis.  Click here for more information on pricing packages or contact us for more information on how Byram Law, P.C.’s business services can assist your business.